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  • PILO Pilo Derailleur Hanger - D16 For Kona, Marin, Norco, Fuji, Orbea - Cnc Machined
  • PILO Pilo Derailleur Hanger - D16 For Kona, Marin, Norco, Fuji, Orbea - Cnc Machined
  • PILO Pilo Derailleur Hanger - D16 For Kona, Marin, Norco, Fuji, Orbea - Cnc Machined

Pilo Derailleur Hanger - D16 For Kona, Marin, Norco, Fuji, Orbea - Cnc Machined

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Product Descriptions :
PILO Derailleur Hanger - D16 for Kona, Marin, Norco, Fuji, Orbea - WMFG-25
D16 derailleur hanger for Kona, Marin, Norco, Fuji, Orbea
Brands American Eagle, Barracuda, Bergamont, BH, Bianchi, BMC, Boardman, Bottecchia, Brodie, Bulls, Carrera, Centurion, Cinelli, Claud Butler, Corratec, Cube, Da Bomb, Diamondback, Evoke, Falcon, Focus, Fuji, Ghost, Haro, Hasa, Hercules, Ironhorse, Jeep, K2, KHS, KSM, KTM, Kellys, Koga, Kona, Lapierre, Marin, Merida, Merlin, Mongoose, Norco, Optima, Orange, Orbea, Pinarello, Raleigh, Rocky Mountain, Salsa, Saracen, Schwinn, Sensa, Shogun, Silverback, Steppenwolf, Trek, Viper, Vitus, Voodoo, Wheeler, Wilier
Number Of Fasteners 1
Specifications -

Anodized, 6061 T651 aluminum
Manufactured using CNC technology, by Pilo


Please compare the picture to the hanger you have on your bike in order to find the right one or send us a photo

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